Book Review of Elements of Genealogical Analysis

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Elements of Genealogical Analysis by Robert Charles Anderson, FASG New England Historical Genealogical Society 168 pgs. Elements of Genealogical Analysis is a wonderful text that explores a methodology for solving genealogical issues.  Robert Charles Anderson’s strategies outlined in Elements are the result of over 40 years experience as a genealogist, director of the New England Historical […]

Friday’s Five at Five for March 2, 2018: RootsTech Edition

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            Today’s roundup of fascinating blogs focuses on RootsTech. I’ve never attended RootsTech in person, but have followed RootsTech’s livestream and the Twitter hasthags #RootsTech and #NotAtRootsTech for a few years now. The following blogposts provide me with a better understanding of what RootsTech is like: From the blog Empty […]

Friday’s Five at Five for February 23, 2018

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Here are five genealogy-related articles or blog posts I found helpful this week: The Fix Is In – Ancestry briefly(!) made it far more harder to work as a professional genealogist. How I Tracked Down My 4th Great Grandmother’s Parents – Great example of how understanding the cultural norms of a time and place can […]

Migrating Twitter

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I’m currently moving all my genealogy-related followers from Twitter to my new Twitter account: @alexatftr. Connect with me on Twitter @alexatftr. This site,, shall be up soon! Please follow and like us:

Side Note: California University Enrollment, 1936

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While researching a death notice from The Niagara Falls Gazette, Tuesday, August 11, 1936, page 2, I noticed a brief article stating that “California University is the largest school in the United States with an enrollment of 20,388.” My guess is “California University” is supposed to be University of California. And if that’s true, the […]

Recent Reads that Might Meet Your Genealogy Needs

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I follow a lot of blogs, genealogy or otherwise. Sometimes the other blogs I follow bring up a topic related to genealogy and family history.  Below are links to articles that you might find relevant to your research or maybe its just a fun read: 5th c. skeleton may have brought leprosy to Britain – From […]

What are the odds? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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What are the odds? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The longer I’ve studied history and genealogy, the more often I have thought about how fortunate that any one of us exists.  That all our ancestors survived natural disasters, pandemics, accidents, etc. long enough to reproduce is quite astounding.  The following infographic illustrates the probability of any one person’s existence as calculated by Ali Binazir. by sofyay. […]


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Like for many of you, September 11 is a day of contemplation for me.  11 years later, and many of the thoughts and feelings I have that day are still with me… confusion, anger, despair.  It was an act so incomprehensible that its still hard to put in words. The Earth drowned in tears that […]

Reairing of “The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar”

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Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the kidnapping of Bobby Dunbar and a new book on the subject, A Case for Sullivan, “This American Life” reaired “The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar.”  The episode can be found on iTunes or here. It is an excellent story about tracing family secrets, investigating thoroughly court records and newspaper […]

DNA Testing… What I Hope to Find

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This post is a part 2 to DNA Testing… What I Expect to Find. I’m hoping my DNA test results will help resolve some brick walls or at least give me some clues on where to look. My greatest brick wall is finding out who my paternal grandfather’s maternal grandfather was.  My great grandmother purportedly […]

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