Friday’s Five at Five for March 2, 2018: RootsTech Edition

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            Today’s roundup of fascinating blogs focuses on RootsTech. I’ve never attended RootsTech in person, but have followed RootsTech’s livestream and the Twitter hasthags #RootsTech and #NotAtRootsTech for a few years now. The following blogposts provide me with a better understanding of what RootsTech is like: From the blog Empty […]

Friday’s Five at Five for February 23, 2018

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Here are five genealogy-related articles or blog posts I found helpful this week: The Fix Is In – Ancestry briefly(!) made it far more harder to work as a professional genealogist. How I Tracked Down My 4th Great Grandmother’s Parents – Great example of how understanding the cultural norms of a time and place can […]

Recent Reads that Might Meet Your Genealogy Needs

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I follow a lot of blogs, genealogy or otherwise. Sometimes the other blogs I follow bring up a topic related to genealogy and family history. ¬†Below are links to articles that you might find relevant to your research or maybe its just a fun read: 5th c. skeleton may have brought leprosy to Britain¬†– From […]

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