A Book Inscription, Pt. 2

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As mentioned in the previous post, I am attempting to find out anything I can on Mrs. H Linsk, who lived in Philadelphia.

To my best knowledge, this book is a first edition in 1927.  Mrs. H. Linsk probably lived at 6617 Lincoln Dr in Philadelphia in 1927.

My first search is for the surname Linsk and residence of Philadelphia in Ancestry, FamilySearch, and Google.

In the 1910 census, a Harry Linsk lives on Mountain St.
In the 1913-1916 and 1918 city directories, a Harry Linsk is on Clifford.
In the 1918 city directory, a Hyman Linsk lives on Mountain St.
In the 1920 census, there’s a Herman Linsk living on Mountain St.
Harry Linsk’s 1942 World War II draft card has him on 17th & Locust.
In the 1960 city directory, Harry Linsk is on N 6.

According to the Stephen Morse’ site on 1930s enumeration districts, Lincoln would fall under ED 51-625.  63 pages!

Harry seems to be Herman as he’s the right age and has a wife named Minnie.  I tried searching for Harry and Minnie in the 1930 Census, but no luck.

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