A Book Inscription, Pt 3: Conclusion

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Well, it was not an exhaustive search for Mrs. H. Linsk, but I think a thorough enough search to know it will not be easy to find her.  Somethings to consider if I choose to pick the search up again:

1. Although the inscription seems pretty easy to read, I may be misinterpreting any one of the words.
2. H. could be her initial.  No women with H first names and the surname Linsk appeared in Ancestry.
3. H. could be his initial for his given name or his nickname and other records maybe the opposite.
4. The street name changed, but I do not have any reason to believe so.
5. Mrs. H. Linsk may have a different name in records online.  She may have remarried or all records may have her maiden name.
6. H. or Mrs. H. or both may have passed away before 1930.
7. Mrs. H. Linsk could be Mrs. Harry Linsk (or Minnie Linsk) but I have no way of proving it at this point.

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