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My love of books is just about equal to my love of genealogy…and often, they go hand in hand.  Recently I picked up “The President’s Daughter” by Nan Britton.  Its the tale of Warren G. Harding’s secret daughter written by the mother.  Some consider it the first kiss-and-tell book.  It was published in 1927 by the Elizabeth Ann Guild Inc., a publisher created for just this book’s purpose as no other publisher could willingly publish it under its own name.  I haven’t read it yet, but as a history buff, I knew right away what it was when I saw it on the shelf at Goodwill.

Inside the book is the inscription:
Mrs. H. Linsk
6617 Lincoln Drive

My challenge I am giving myself is to use my genealogy skills to see if I can find out anything about my book’s previous owner.

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