Mrs. H. Linsk Found?!!

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Alright, I gave up too early on the search.  After researching Lillie Evans and finding her in newspapers, I decided to try GenealogyBank for Mrs. H. Linsk.  And I found her!

On June 9, 1919, Mrs. Linsk at 6617 Lincoln Dr, Germantown, placed an ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer wanting a cook to do cooking and downstairs work.

Presuming the family lived in the house from 1919-1927 at least, they advertised for a chambermaid, a girl to do housework, and a nursemaid to take care of their three year old child on January 23, 1920.  The chambermaid and nursemaid were to be German, Hungarian, or Slavish.   From these ads, maybe we can presume the Linsk were Middle European and presumably at least middle class.

A search of children named Linsk born between 1916 and 1918 in Philadelphia in the 1920 census results in Rose Linsk, daughter of Herman and Minnie Linsk!  Herman and Minnie are from Russia. Herman or Harry was a tailor specializing in girl’s dresses and seemed a successful one too.  Oh, and I found them in the 1930 Census under the last name Lucas.

Is Minnie Linsk Mrs. H. Linsk?  Its not conclusive, but I think I’m on the right track!

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