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I am more than just a little excited for Jamboree coming up in Burbank, California June 7th-June 10th.  This will be my third year going.  Funny, but for the 2010 Jamboree I only signed up for the half day Friday…because I wasn’t sure I was going enjoy it.  Plus it was my birthday weekend.  Could I spend a more boring weekend than talking about old records?  Well, the answer is definitely yes…there are plenty of less exciting weekends than Jamboree!  The information, excitement, exhibit hall, can be so overwhelming I’m taking Monday off work to recover.  And I’m saying that as one of the younger attendees.

I’ve downloaded the app and have added my anticipated schedule to it.  It can be difficult to decide what to attend…so much good stuff.  I’m going to try to balance my schedule between my favorite speakers and people I haven’t seen speak before.  I also consider this criteria when planning out my schedule:

1. Is the topic relevant to my research?
I have found, however, that sometimes I learn about a source or a method from a subject matter that is not relevant to my research.  But there is no guarantee.
2. How knowledgeable am I on the subject matter?
It’s probably best not to sit in a class just waiting for that one bit of information I don’t already know.
3. Have I seen/heard the subject matter before?
This is similar to question 3, but you might find that you’ve heard the exact speaker talk on the subject before.
4. What subjects have I little knowledge on that I’d like to learn about?
For instance, I’m not very knowledgeable about DNA research.  And everyday there’s something new and I’m falling behind.  SCGS does such a great job of picking speakers/topics, I trust I’ll get a good grasp on subjects I’m not familiar with.  So I’m really looking for Bennett Greenspan’s “Everything You Wanted to Know about Consumer DNA Testing but Were Afraid to Ask.”  I can even download the syllabus ahead of time!

Speaking of syllabi, whether you download the syllabi, look at the CD version, or have the print version, the syllabi allows you to be there without being there.   Or you can buy recorded sessions or watch the live stream this year.  There’s really no reason to stress out over what to see!

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