What I’m Bringing to Jamboree (2018)

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*This post was originally written in 2012. I’ve updated some information and links.

I’m going to use the last two eight years’ experience at Jamboree to prepare for this coming Friday and Saturday.  I’m going to dress comfortably as there’s a lot of sitting and a lot of speed walking to the next excitement. I’ll bring:

-a sweater or jacket

-writing utensil and paper

-cash and debit/credit cards

-my cell phone – I plan on using the Jamboree app and Evernote to keep track of everything going on thisweekend.  I’ve saved blogposts from SCGS, speakers, and attendees in Evernote so I don’t miss anything!

-a watch – if you’re using your cell phone for the app, notes, etc., best to have a watch so you don’t miss out on anything because your phone needs charging.

-a Baggu bag – folds up nicely when not in use, but can hold up to 50 pounds of stuff easily.  I usually end up picking up some books.  We do get goodie bags at Jamboree – some have handled more than others – so I’ll have my Baggu on hand.  If I don’t use it, it is no big deal to bring along.

-business cards – while its easy to keep contact information in our cell phones and social networks, I’m still asked on occasion for a business card.

-something to snack on

-a friend – you can carpool and share notes (attend two sessions at once!). Believe me, even non-genealogists have a great time at Jamboree!

Some rooms can get pretty packed, so there’s no real room to bring along extra stuff you might need.  So while a laptop might seem like a good idea, its really too bulky to carry around.  Not to mention the many losses you could suffer if you misplace or break a laptop.  Consider using an app like the Ancestry app if you need your tree on hand.

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