DNA Testing…What I Expect to Find

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I jumped on the Family Finder + mtDNA testing discount from Family Tree DNA last week.  I received the test on Friday but I haven’t done my samples yet.  I want to devote some time to doing it correctly.

It took me several years to finally decide to try DNA testing to enhance my genealogy research.  I wanted to make sure the technology would improve.  I wanted to make sure the DNA testing companies would survive and I wanted to see if the companies would grow enough to have large databases.  But the biggest reason I did not try DNA testing is that I’m pretty sure I know what the results are going to be.

I am expecting that my family is 100% European.  My father’s family is English, though an earlier DNA test with his brother as the sample, determined that their mother’s side immigrated from Italy.  I suppose my father’s father’s side of the family originally came from Northern Europe as red hair is a family trait.

My mother’s family’s immigration to the US occurred in the 1600s (mostly English) and the 19th century from Scotland, Ireland, Italy, and Germany.  There’s some French in there too.  We’ve got red hair on this side of the family too.

Despite the fact that I’m pretty sure I know what the results will be, I know I could be in for some surprises.

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