DNA Testing… What I Hope to Find

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This post is a part 2 to DNA Testing… What I Expect to Find.

I’m hoping my DNA test results will help resolve some brick walls or at least give me some clues on where to look.

My greatest brick wall is finding out who my paternal grandfather’s maternal grandfather was.  My great grandmother purportedly never knew her father.  There is a family rumor as to whom the father is, but only DNA could really prove our connection.  So I hope someone in his family has taken a DNA test with Family Tree DNA.  I realize that even if I do make a connection through Family Tree DNA, it does not mean the man in question is my great great grandfather, but perhaps a relative of his maybe instead.

My mother’s side includes several immigrants to the US during the 19th century.  I have not been able to trace them within their home countries.  But are they their home countries?   We are all aware that just because someone is born in Germany, for example, it does not mean that person’s parents are German.  I’m hoping my DNA test results will help me narrow down where to search for my ancestors.

I suppose the test results could provide me with bad surprises too!  Have I spent many years tracing people I’m not related too?!  I’ll just have to wait and see.

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