Recent Reads that Might Meet Your Genealogy Needs

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5 clock Friday

I follow a lot of blogs, genealogy or otherwise. Sometimes the other blogs I follow bring up a topic related to genealogy and family history.  Below are links to articles that you might find relevant to your research or maybe its just a fun read:

5th c. skeleton may have brought leprosy to Britain – From the History Blog. The magic of DNA research applied to leprosy.

Here’s how much of your life the United States has been at war – From the Washington Post. The US has been at war for 48.5% of my life.  Maybe its because of my interests in genealogy, history, and mental illness, but I don’t recall a time that the US wasn’t at war.

There Are Genetic Differences Between Early Risers and Night Owls – From Mental Floss. I’m an earlier riser, but I don’t know if that’s really due to DNA, or whether its from school/work and cats. Probably cats.

Tongue Rolling and 5 Other Oversimplified Genetic Traits – from Mental Floss. I am the only one among my immediate family that CANNOT roll my tongue.  I thought it was unusual that people could. Turns out that I’m in the minority. This article says to look at cats “to see basic genetic traits in action.” Cats again. Mine are litter mates. Maybe their waking me up early to compare their traits.

Confederates in the Jungle – from the New York Times Opinionator blog. Modern-day Confederates in Brazil.

Happy reading!

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