Friday’s Five at Five for February 23, 2018

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Here are five genealogy-related article5 clock Fridays or blog posts I found helpful this week:

The Fix Is In – Ancestry briefly(!) made it far more harder to work as a professional genealogist.

How I Tracked Down My 4th Great Grandmother’s Parents – Great example of how understanding the cultural norms of a time and place can help break down a brick wall.

And from the same blog, Fortify Your Family Tree, an interesting idea for how to keep track of those “must be related somehow” people in your genealogy database: How to Handle the Unrelated People in Your Family Tree.

I’m looking forward to trying out the The GEDmatch Relationship Tree tool mentioned by Louis Kessler. I have a client searching for a birth grandfather and his DNA matches with a few members of a certain family. Maybe this tool can help find the common ancestors?

Melvin J. Collier has an excellent post about how DNA can conflict with family lore. Please check out A Genealogy Mishap Case: Discovering the True Paternity with DNA.

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