Friday’s Five at Five for March 2, 2018: RootsTech Edition

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Today’s roundup of fascinating blogs focuses on RootsTech. I’ve never attended RootsTech in person, but have followed RootsTech’s livestream and the Twitter hashtags #RootsTech and #NotAtRootsTech for a few years now. The following blogposts provide me with a better understanding of what RootsTech is like:

From the blog Empty Branches on the Family Tree is RootsTech 2018 – Day 2. The photographs give a great indication of what RootsTech looks like.

Louis Kessler, a fellow #NotAtRootsTech participant this year, gave a great description of how RootsTech differs this year from previous years.

On the blog DNAeXplained, Roberta Estes gave us a first day for a first-timer at RootsTech. She brings up a lot of great points about the registration lines and session sizes that might be helpful in deciding to attend next year. The comments to her post might be helpful too!

From the point of view of a presenter, Judy Muhn – Arrived at RootsTech … wow! and Speaking at RootsTech 2018!

And a bonus: Randy Seaver has a great compendium of RootsTech blogposts here.

And thanks to LDC for the #NotAtRootsTech badge!

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