Friday’s Five at Five for March 30, 2018

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5 clock Friday

Welcome to another Friday’s Five at Five! Here’s five blogposts/articles I think you might find helpful:

My genealogical and genetic trees have Australians on them, but I haven’t done too much research in the country. Gail Dever’s Did your elusive ancestor end up in an Australian gaol? You may find their mug shot is an intriguing place to start.

Divorcee might not mean what you think. From Lara Diamond, a lesson in vocabulary: Sima Diamond, the Maiden Widowed Divorcee.

Not specifically genealogy, but an example of how crowdsourcing can help you find an elusive name: She Was the Only Woman in a Photo of 38 Scientists, and Now She’s Been Identified.

Another not specifically genealogy-related post, but a reminder to myself and others to not underestimate or demean readers/clients based on their age: “Elderly Woman” Is Not a Synonym for “Clueless Person”.

Ethnicity results are fun, but not completely accurate. Louis Kessler’s A Tale of Four DNA Tests demonstrates how his DNA results and DNA matches differ among the big four DNA companies.

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