Friday’s Five at Five for April 20, 2018

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5 clock Friday

Five links:

It’s Friday and tomorrow starts the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Nearly a decade ago I attended my first Festival of Books and came across a tent for the Southern California Genealogical Society. Genealogical society? I’d been alone in my fascination of searching for my ancestors. They were promoting their Jamboree. Jamboree?! I thought it was worth checking it out. And that’s where I found my second family!

How you may be sabotaging your search for ancestors…and how to fix it! – a useful tool for determining a town’s county in any given year.

Mail-Order Genetic Tests May Turn Up a Lot of False Positives – The last section, What to Do When a Mail-in Genetic Test Has a Scary Result, is a must-read for those of us that who have scary health results from companies like 23andme or sites like Promethease.

With every DNA test we need to consider privacy issues, perhaps even more when it’s our minor children taking the test. But there are some positive reasons to allow a child to take a DNA test. Read them here from Nicole Dyer at Family Locket.

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