Friday’s Five at Five for May 11, 2018

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5 clock Friday









The posts I mention below are now about a month old on their writers’ sites, but still worthy of a read:

Academic genealogy – I don’t have a PhD, but I enjoy reading about the “family tree” of anything – people, animals, academics. It works just like any other family tree, but your “parent” is your advisor.

How a little annotation in a column might be evidence proving a relationship – Adding up indirect evidence – and grabbing all those bits of information.

The Elizabeth Beard First Cousins: Which Is Which? – trying to untangle several people of the same name? Here’s an example that multiple people have tried to figure out with different results.

The Secrets of the X Chromosome – some interesting facts about the X chromosome.

How many trees? – A discussion on how many trees one should/could use for their own family. I use three – one each for my paternal grandparents and a third for my maternal grandparents who share some cousins.

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