Friday’s Five at Five for May 18, 2018

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5 clock Friday

Five blogposts I found educational:

How I Solved It: Frederick Allen Downing: finding the father of an illegitimate child– A blogpost from Suzi Brent reminding us to look at the child’s name when searching for a birth father.

We should always write out our genealogical conclusions, even if they are retractions of earlier conclusions. Here’s a great example from Roberta Estes: Backpedaling: Irene Charitas is a Heitz, not a Schlosser – 52 Ancestors #191

Geoff Swinfield’s How I Solved It: The Swinfield Family Bible Discovered!, demonstrates why you should write a blog about your genealogical research – a reader just might have the records you are looking for.

The internet has brought us great access to records anytime and anywhere. It also gives us more opportunities to give back to the genealogy community. For instance, from the Library and Archives Canada, Introducing Co-Lab: your tool to collaborate on historical records

A terrific and challenging (at least to me) read about The amazing power of Y-DNA from Linda Jonas.

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