Friday’s Five at Five for May 4, 2018

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5 clock Friday

Five more blogposts of value:

Sometimes we like to believe the census taker missed our ancestors, or perhaps, our families purposely avoided the census taker. Was Your Ancestor Missed on the U.S. Federal Census? gives some reasons why your family members may actually be absent from the census.

Someday I might actually follow all these great suggestions… Three Genealogy Shortcuts That Aren’t Cheats.

A great case study on how DNA can be applied to a traditionally-researched assumed relationship: Were They Brother and Sister? Verifying an 18th Century Relationship with Autosomal DNA.

And another about how having multiple relationships with a person might skew the DNA results: A Triple Cousin Does an AncestryDNA Test

I’ve only just recently begun looking into my non-conformists ancestors. Here’s a helpful breakdown on exactly who is a non-conformist and where to look for them in the records: Were Your Ancestors Non-Conformists?

Thanks for reading along with me!

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