Friday’s Five at Five for June 7, 2018

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5 clock Friday

A rundown of blog posts I found enlightening this week:

We need to give credit to our fellow genealogists for their hard work and so other genealogists can verify their work. It’s also, as Marcia Crawford Philbrick points out, in Don’t Just Copy – Give Credit, a way for genealogists to contact the original researcher.

A great tip from Michael John Neill – Copy the Abbreviations List.

Just like we need to analyze our sources, we need to analyze journalism. What is the author’s bias(es)? Why are they writing on the topic? Leland Meitzler asks these questions in his post, Is Ancestry LLC the Devil? Or Just his Little Brother?

County history and biographies or “mug books” can have inaccurate information in them, but they can also fill in the story that goes with the data you already have collected. Please read Anne Faulkner’s How I Solved It: Brick Wall Ancestor | #7 David M Whitford.

And one more suggestion from Michael John Neill – A Map-Based Research Log.

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