Friday’s Five at Five for July 13, 2018

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5 clock Friday

Five fabulous reads:

Another Family Story Shattered! by Lori Samuelson

If we only relied on family stories to determine what records to search, we’d be missing the true story.

Using Voice Recognition in Genealogy: Names and dates and places by James Tanner

I don’t think I’d personally use voice recognition for genealogy because I feel I’d have to double-check everything for accuracy.

Have you checked out TimeMapper? by Dr. Margaret McMahon

An interesting visual timeline that might be worth a try.

Solving an Adoptee Case with DNA Networks and Mind Mapping by Diana Elder

An excellent example of visualizing DNA connections using mind mapping.

The Importance of Childless Relatives’ Wills: Martha Whitworth (1794-1829) of Ossett, Yorkshire, England by Jennifer Peace Willis

It’s always worth looking at everyone’s wills, whether they had family of their own or not.

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