Friday’s Five at Five for July 6, 2018

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5 clock Friday

Five fun reads:

Libraries Launch “Archivist in a Backpack” from UNC University Libraries

Do you use any of the same items for your personal archiving or oral history recordings?

Studying Genealogy Periodicals by Jennifer Dondero

Learn everything about genealogy periodicals – why you should read them, how to read them, where to find them, etc.

New technique brings secrets out of old daguerreotypes by John Biggs

I’ll admit I don’t understand all the tech jargon in this piece, but I’m excited by the possibilities for the genealogy world with this technique.

How to Use Old Newspaper Advertisements to Research the Childhood Lives of Your Ancestors by Will Moneymaker

Use newspaper advertisement to get a better understanding of your ancestors’ lives.

6 Uncommon Places to Find a Missing Birth Date for Your Ancestor by Janet Meydam

You might have to look outside your typical birth, marriage, and death records for a birthdate. Janet lists some other records to try.

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