Conneautville Project Update January 10, 2022

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One of my goals for 2022 is to write more. I’m going to start by making daily updates on my genealogy research.

The big project I’ve been working on for several months is a Place Study for Conneautville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. I began the process by searching on and I then added any indexed records sets mentioning Conneautville in a project managment software (GanttProject) to keep track of my progress.

I began my data entry going through the US censuses from 1850-1940. The most fascinating part was going backwards from 1940 to 1850, connecting married women to their families before marriage.

After the censuses, I focused on death records. Currently, I am working with the U.S., Obituary Index, 1800s-current  to then lookup obituaries on These records are further connecting individuals to their families. It’s also been helpful in discovering what has happened in Conneautville after 1940. I’m about 49% through looking up obituaries and adding data to my Conneautville file in Family Tree Maker.

As of today, I’ve got 14,448 individuals in the file. 10,670 individuals have some life event that happened in Conneautville.


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