Conneautville Project Update January 11, 2022

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Day 2 to “Writing More in 2022.” Still 49% through the Conneautville-related obituaries on But just 4 obituaries away from reaching the halfway point.

Observation #1: like many Americans, several former Conneautville residents retire to Florida. Specifically, the Tampa Bay area. When I finish with death records, perhaps I’ll find some migration patterns from Conneautville to Tampa Bay. That could be a future post!

Observation #2: Florida papers are less likely to print maiden names or parent’s names of the deceased in their obituaries. Perhaps its because they’ve moved away from their families and there are fewer knowledgeable people to provide that information. Or Florida residents reading the obituaries would not know the deceased’s family members, so just leave it out?!

Anyways, my Family Tree Maker Conneautville file now has 14, 505 individuals with 10, 672 having had some life event in Conneautville.

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