Conneautville Project Update January 12, 2022

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Day 3…

I’ve now completed entering 51% of Conneautville obituaries into my database.

There are 14552 individuals in my database; 10674 have life events in Conneautville.

Observation for today: I looked at the life events for all 14552 individuals in the database that occurred in Pennsylvania’s neighboring states. 1144 individuals had life events in New York; 1137 in Ohio. This makes a lot of sense, as Conneautville is close to both the Ohio-Pennsylvania border and the New York-Pennsylvania border. New Jersey is next on the list with 68. West Virginia (57) was surprising low considering that Conneautville is in western Pennsylvania. Maryland (36) and Delaware (21) are the bordering states to Pennsylvania with the fewest life events in my database.

Since my observations yesterday mentioned Florida, I thought I’d look up Florida life events too. Right now there are 132 life events in Florida. I expect that to grow as I continue to work on the obituaries.

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