Conneautville Project Update January 18, 2022

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I’m now 56 percent done with Conneautville-related obituaries from Since my last update, I have worked on some obituaries, but I also did a search for duplicate people.

Hint: Finding Duplicate People in Family Tree Maker

To find duplicate people in Family Tree Maker, I first suggest doing a backup, just in case you find yourself accidentally merging the wrong people.  To do so, go to File>Backup in Family Tree Maker. After backing up the file, go to Edit>Find Duplicate People. The software will provide you with a list of possible duplicate people and a match score. The match score suggests how likely 2 people are the same person. In my experience, the higher the score, the more likely they are actually siblings, or even more likely, twins. You can compare two people and then choose to merge them. Do so carefully. Remember you can always load your backup if you make mistakes.

The find duplicate feature is helpful in catching that the Moore family is the same as the Mohr family. Or that J Edward Smith could be the same person as Edward John Smith.

I now have 14867 people in my Conneautville database, 10678 with some connection to Conneautville.

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