Conneautville Project Update February 10, 2022

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Some interesting tidbits I found in Conneautville-related obituaries to further research:

  • Townsend Plan
  • National Greenkeepers magazine
  • Canonsburg Opera House Disaster
  • history of Topeka, KS
  • history of Pompano/Pompano Beach, FL
  • George T. Smith, sixth Lieutenant Governor of Georgia
  • Roll CallĀ newspaper
  • history of Palm Beach, FL
  • Alf M. Landon, 26th Governor of Kansas; presidential candidate
  • John T. Rich, 23rd Governor of Michigan
  • Ned H. Dearborn, National Safety Council president
  • Rotary International
  • Robert L. Williams, third Governor of Oklahoma
  • August 1907 telegraph strike
  • Todd Sanitarium

Database numbers for today: 16075 people, 10785 with Conneautville-related events. Still working on the 1956 Conneaut Valley High School yearbook.

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