Conneautville Project Update February 8, 2022

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I promised myself to write everyday but I haven’t stuck to that promise. Yesterday I decided to write earlier in the day. It is easier for me to find excuses not to write the longer the day goes, so writing earlier should improve my consistency. I’ve found this true when exercising and reading and its nice to feel like I’ve accomplished something before noon rolls around.

I’ve also found myself slightly bored adding data from so many obituaries into my Conneautville database. So I’ve decided to also work on pulling photos from Ancestry’s yearbook collection. I switch between the obituaries and yearbooks to make my day a little more interesting.

With that in mind, my update for today: I’m 71% finished with the Conneautville-related obituaries from And I’m pulling photos from the 1956 Conneaut Valley High School yearbook. I’ve got a total of 15923 persons in my Conneautville database with 10738 having some life event in Conneautville.

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