Conneautville Project Update February 9, 2022

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Hint: How to Track Unknown Relationships in Family Tree Maker

Sometimes I come across an obituary that says “survived by nieces…” or “survived by grandchildren…” and the exact relationship is not obvious. So what do I do in these situations? Here’s the steps:

  1. Add the grandchild or niece to my database in Family Tree Maker.
  2. Add a task to the grandchild or niece that says “grandchild of [deceased’s name].”
  3. When I’m finished with the obituaries, I can go to the Plan tab and see all the tasks.
  4. I’ll go through the tasks and maybe I’ve already found the connection through other obituaries. If so, I can mark those complete. When that’s done, I’m left with relationships that need further research.
  5. Complete further research.

Today’s totals: 15999 persons in the database with 10771 persons with a Conneautville life event. Still working on pulling photos from the 1956 Conneaut Valley High School yearbook.

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