Conneautville Project Update March 7, 2022

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It was a harried, hurried few days last month trying to finish up the Conneautville-related obituaries from As you might recall, I had to add data from 35 obituaries to my database daily to accomplish the task. And then an unforeseen thing happened… my internet went down… for three days!!! So, I moved my “tech-free day” since well, the tech decided to free itself from me for those days. And when the internet did come back, I furiously worked away at the obituaries. And I… completed them with hours to spare!!! What did I learn in 1280 obituaries?

  1. Lots of people moved in-and-out of Conneautville, but remained in Crawford County.
  2. If they moved out of state, they were more likely to go to Ohio or Florida.
  3. Most of the obituaries come from the Conneautville Courier.
  4. Conneautville Courier had great sources – somehow people who had moved away as children to far reaches of the United States had obituaries in the paper.
  5. I count 140 other newspapers that ran an obituary for someone that was born in, lived in, worked in, died in, or was buried in Conneautville. That’s a lot of different papers!

Since I finished the obituaries, I’ve worked on some smaller databases. Right now I’m focused on the Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953 database on FamilySearch. I’m approximately 41% through this database.

Totals: 17591 people in my Conneautville database, 11113 with Conneautville-related life events.

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