Why genealogy? 

Many years ago when I was a child, my grandfather traveled back to England to see his family. While he was there, he and his family jotted down a family tree from memory. He included this family tree in a letter to my family soon after. My parents preserved the letter and tree in a side drawer, where it remained with other miscellany for several years.
Around 2001 or 2002, I came across it for the umpteenth time. This time I thought, I wonder if I can find any of these people online? And with luck, I found the 1881 England and Wales Census on a website called FamilySearch! And that began a never-ending search for my family and the lives they led…


I have over 20+ years experience researching online, in writing, and in-person at archives and libraries. But twenty years doesn’t quite reflect the hours I have put into genealogy… at home, at work (sometimes), weekends, vacations. During college I had my roommate place a password on my database so I could finish my coursework first! I have attended conferences and watched over 350 hours of genealogy-related webinars. While plugging away, I listen to countless genealogy and history podcasts. I think it’s an understatement when I say, “I love genealogy.”


Research and writing


B.A. History from Arizona State University, with concentrations in the United States and Culture and Thought


My family has led me to extensive research in England and the United States, specifically, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. In fact, I am pursuing a one-place study for Conneautville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. I have experience with colonial New England research as well as some research in Germany and Italy.

Unique background

I’m an American mutt. My immigrant ancestor on my paternal side is my English father. My mother has both colonial New England ancestors as well as 19th century Germany, Irish, and Italian ancestors.

I’m fortunate to have found a field I love early on – one that includes my love for history, mystery, and research.

Contact information

You can reach me at alex@flippingthroughrecords.com or through my contact page.