Conneautville Project Update March 8, 2022

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Since I’m focusing on the Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953 on FamilySearch, I thought today I’d take a look at the cause of death for Conneautville-related people. To run a cause of death report in Family Tree Maker: Go to Publish. Under person reports, select Custom Report. From there, select “All individuals” under “Individuals to Include.” Press […]

Conneautville Project Update March 7, 2022

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It was a harried, hurried few days last month trying to finish up the Conneautville-related obituaries from As you might recall, I had to add data from 35 obituaries to my database daily to accomplish the task. And then an unforeseen thing happened… my internet went down… for three days!!! So, I moved my […]

Conneautville Project Update February 21, 2022

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I’d love to finish out the Conneautville-related obituaries on before the end of the month. Since I have my planned “tech-free day” for this month on February 28th, that means I have 7 days to finish. I finished obituary #1037 yesterday. There’s a total of 1280, so I need to average 35 a day. […]

February 18, 2022 Conneautville Project Update

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Slowly inching my way to finishing pulling data from Conneautville obituaries from the U.S., Obituary Index, 1800s-current . I’m now 79% finished. I think I’ll tackle some smaller record sets next. I’m also still working on the 1959 Conneaut Valley High School yearbook. Many of the students in the yearbook are new additions to […]

Conneautville Project Update February 16, 2022

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Short post today as I haven’t done a lot of genealogical research in the last few days because of the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and the mysterious site issues yesterday. I’m adding data from the 1959 Conneaut Valley High School yearbook today. Fortunately, the teachers have first and last names listed in this yearbook. […]

Conneautville Project Update February 10, 2022

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Some interesting tidbits I found in Conneautville-related obituaries to further research: Townsend Plan National Greenkeepers magazine Canonsburg Opera House Disaster history of Topeka, KS history of Pompano/Pompano Beach, FL George T. Smith, sixth Lieutenant Governor of Georgia Roll Call¬†newspaper history of Palm Beach, FL Alf M. Landon, 26th Governor of Kansas; presidential candidate John T. […]

Conneautville Project Update February 9, 2022

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Hint: How to Track Unknown Relationships in Family Tree Maker Sometimes I come across an obituary that says “survived by nieces…” or “survived by grandchildren…” and the exact relationship is not obvious. So what do I do in these situations? Here’s the steps: Add the grandchild or niece to my database in Family Tree Maker. […]

Conneautville Project Update February 8, 2022

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I promised myself to write everyday but I haven’t stuck to that promise. Yesterday I decided to write earlier in the day. It is easier for me to find excuses not to write the longer the day goes, so writing earlier should improve my consistency. I’ve found this true when exercising and reading and its […]

Conneautville Project Update February 2, 2022

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Conflicting evidence is very common in genealogy. In my one-place project, most of the obvious conflicts are between the obituary found on and the date of death on Find A Grave. Maybe the Find a Grave death date is wrong because someone interpreted the year of death on the gravestone incorrectly. Or maybe the gravestone […]

Conneautville Project Update January 27, 2022

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A brief update today… I’m now 63% finished with the Conneautville-related obituaries from! Right now my Conneautville database has 15335 people of which 10688 have some life event that occurred in Conneautville. Tomorrow is my once-a-month tech-free day to clear the mind. You should give it a try!


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