Mrs. H. Linsk Found?!!

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Alright, I gave up too early on the search.  After researching Lillie Evans and finding her in newspapers, I decided to try GenealogyBank for Mrs. H. Linsk.  And I found her! On June 9, 1919, Mrs. Linsk at 6617 Lincoln Dr, Germantown, placed an ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer wanting a cook to do cooking […]

More to “The President’s Daughter” : A Business Card

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Within the pages of “The President’s Daughter” (please see my other posts on the subject here, here, and here), I found a business card for Lillie R. Evans.  I could scan it now with my trusty FlipPal, but I’ll trust my fingers to just type out the information.  The card reads: OFF. PL 8-9971                              […]

A Book Inscription, Pt 3: Conclusion

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Well, it was not an exhaustive search for Mrs. H. Linsk, but I think a thorough enough search to know it will not be easy to find her.  Somethings to consider if I choose to pick the search up again: 1. Although the inscription seems pretty easy to read, I may be misinterpreting any one […]

A Book Inscription, Pt. 2

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As mentioned in the previous post, I am attempting to find out anything I can on Mrs. H Linsk, who lived in Philadelphia. To my best knowledge, this book is a first edition in 1927.  Mrs. H. Linsk probably lived at 6617 Lincoln Dr in Philadelphia in 1927. My first search is for the surname […]

A Book Inscription

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My love of books is just about equal to my love of genealogy…and often, they go hand in hand.  Recently I picked up “The President’s Daughter” by Nan Britton.  Its the tale of Warren G. Harding’s secret daughter written by the mother.  Some consider it the first kiss-and-tell book.  It was published in 1927 by […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day to my ancestors that make me Irish every other day of the year.  Here’s a list of direct ancestors born in Ireland.  Since most of them are brick walls, I cannot assume that they are actually Irish but were born there. William Power (7th great grandfather) – born 1730 Ireland, he […]


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