Migrating Twitter

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I’m currently moving all my genealogy-related followers from Twitter to my new Twitter account: @alexatftr. Connect with me on Twitter @alexatftr.

What are the odds? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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What are the odds? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The longer I’ve studied history and genealogy, the more often I have thought about how fortunate that any one of us exists.  The fact that all our ancestors survived natural disasters, pandemics, accidents, etc. long enough to reproduce is quite astounding.  Ali Binazir calculates the probability of any one person’s existence in the following infographic. […]


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Like for many of you, September 11 is a day of contemplation for me.  11 years later, and many of the thoughts and feelings I have that day are still with me… confusion, anger, despair.  It was an act so incomprehensible that its still hard to put in words. The Earth drowned in tears that […]

When I Fell for Genealogy

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Back in the early 1990s my grandfather travelled to England and discussed his family tree with his sister.  He wrote a letter to my parents, my siblings, and myself outlining the tree back to one set of my great great great great grandparents.  My parents saved the letter and about ten years later I came […]

Interview…But Make Moments Too!

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I lost my grandfather this last November. I was devastated and still hurt terribly. In blogs, webinars, classes, etc. we are told to make sure to interview our relatives before its too late. That made a lot of sense to me but I did not formally interview him. I do not kick myself for not […]


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