1940 Findings

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For about a month I’ve been going through my Family Tree Maker databases to narrow down people alive during the 1940 census…but the list was way too long.  I narrowed it down further to five generations back and their descendants but that still was way too many people.  So I chose to look up only […]

Further Research on Frequent Travelers

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When I’m searching for someone on Ancestry and several records in regards to travel appear, I turn to Google to see if I can find a biography on that person.  A person traveling often may have an important job requiring him to leave the country frequently.  Persons of wealth might travel often for leisure.  When […]

Something to Consider

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Tip: Determine if a surname aligns with the birth place of your relative. I had real trouble trying to find immigration records for ancestors going by the name Crogan from Italy.  Crogan is an Irish name but I knew these ancestors were Italian.  So I spent quite a while trying to find the real last […]


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