Friday’s Five at Five for July 20, 2018

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Five more blogposts of interest: What Did Add and Automate to this 1870 Census Entry? by Michael John Neill Why we should always look at the original record when possible, instead of relying on Ancestry’s transcription. Are You Using LibGuides for Genealogy Research? by Gena Philibert-Ortega Another great suggestion on where to find resources for […]

Friday’s Five at Five for June 29, 2018

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Back with another 5 great blogposts I read this week: Using First Names as Evidence of Family Relationships by DiAnn Iamarino Remember to use name as hints, not proof. And also remember that you may not have discovered all of a couple’s children, which could through off the naming birth order. How I Solved It: Always […]

Friday’s Five at Five for February 23, 2018

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Here are five genealogy-related articles or blog posts I found helpful this week: The Fix Is In – Ancestry briefly(!) made it far more harder to work as a professional genealogist. How I Tracked Down My 4th Great Grandmother’s Parents – Great example of how understanding the cultural norms of a time and place can […]

What I’m Bringing to Jamboree (2018)

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*This post was originally written in 2012. I’ve updated some information and links. I’m going to use the last two eight years’ experience at Jamboree to prepare for this coming Friday and Saturday.  I’m going to dress comfortably as there’s a lot of sitting and a lot of speed walking to the next excitement. I’ll bring: […]

1940 Findings

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For about a month I’ve been going through my Family Tree Maker databases to narrow down people alive during the 1940 census…but the list was way too long.  I narrowed it down further to five generations back and their descendants but that still was way too many people.  So I chose to look up only […]


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